IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2018

IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2018: Forensic Camera Model Identification Challenge

Finalist Teams


Team "FIIGO"

University Federico II of Naples
Luisa Verdoliva
Davide Cozzolino
Gioacchino Gargiulo
Raffaele Mazza
Fabrizio Guillaro

Second Place

Team "GPU_muscle"

MIPT - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Valeriy Babushkin (Yandex/National Research University)
Artur Kuzin
Andrey Kiselev
Ilya Kibardin
Artur Fattakhov

Third Place

Team "blzr"

University of Alabama- Birmingham, United States
Leon Jololian
David Odaibo
Sai Chintha
Ruta Bhat
Mark Salazar

On-site Information

Monday, April 16

4:30 PM

Doors open

4:30 PM

Opening remarks

Lucio Marcenaro, SPS Director of Student Services

4:50 PM

Main SP Cup session

Team Presentations begin. Each team will have:

10 minute presentation

5 minute Q&A

5 minute live demo


Team 1:  Blzr

Team 2:  FIIGO

Team 3:  GPU_muscle

5:50 PM

Judges deliberate

6:00 PM

Winners announced

Team Prizes

The champion: $5,000
The first runnerup: $2,500
The second runnerup: $1,500
Each finalist team invited to ICASSP 2018 will receive travel supported by the SPS on a reimbursement basis. A team member is offered up to $1,200 for continental travel, or $1,700 for intercontinental travel. A maximum of three members per team will be eligible for travel support.

The IEEE Signal Processing Society announces the fifth edition of the Signal Processing Cup: forensic camera model identification challenge.

The goal of this competition is for teams to build a system capable of determining type of camera (manufacturer and model) that captured a digital image without relying on metadata. Teams will use their signal processing expertise to extract traces from images that can be linked with different camera models. The competition will consist of two stages; an open competition that any eligible team can participate in and an invitation-only final competition. Teams participating in the open competition must submit their entries no later than February 8, 2018. The three teams with the highest performance in the open competition will be selected as finalists and will be invited to participate in the final competition. Finalists will be announced on February 10, 2018. The three teams invited to participate in the final competition will be judged at ICASSP 2018, which will be held April 15-20, 2018.

Determining the make and model of the camera that captured an image has been an important research area in information forensics for over a decade [1], [2], [3]. Information about which type of camera captured an image can be used to help determine or verify the origin of an image, and can form an important piece of evidence in scenarios such as analyzing images involved in child exploitation investigations. While metadata may contain information about an image’s source camera, metadata is both easy to falsify and is frequently missing from an image. As a result, signal processing researchers have developed information forensic algorithms that can exploit traces intrinsically present in the image itself. More information on this and detailed information about the competition can be found on the 2018 SP Cup Piazza webpage.


  1. M. C. Stamm, M. Wu and K. J. R. Liu, "Information Forensics: An Overview of the First Decade", in IEEE Access, vol. 1, pp. 167-200, 2013.
  2. A. Piva, "An overview on image forensics", ISRN Signal Processing, 2013.
  3. M. Kirchner and T. Gloe, "Forensic camera model identification", Handbook of Digital Forensics of Multimedia Data and Devices, pp. 329-374, 2015

Important Dates:

  • February 8, 2018 - Deadline for team registration to join the open competition
  • February 8, 2018 - Deadline for submitting open competition results
  • February 17, 2018 - Announcement of the three finalist teams
  • April 15-20, 2018 - Final competition at ICASSP 2018

Registration Page:
Detailed information on the competition: SP Cup 2018 Document
Additional details (on Piazza) Note: Use the access code "spcup2018" to join as a student to "SPCUP 2018: IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2018".

MathWorks is pleased to sponsor the 2018 SP Cup. MathWorks will provide complimentary software, including MATLAB and selected toolboxes, to teams registered for the SP Cup for use in the competition.